17 September 2018


A new home for Just improvise



Greetings comrades, in February this year, we waved a fond farewell to our premises in Subiaco, our home for 2 years, not knowing where or when we´d unpack our props next. After an unexpected and extended hibernation, and a full 6 months later, JUST IMPROVISE has found a new place to call home, having undergone a substantial transformation.


Evolution is awkward and change can feel uncomfortable and uncertain, but I practice what I teach and re-framed adversity, seeing discomfort as opportunity and uncertainty as possibility.


Filled with a rekindled energy and a revitalised passion for sharing the benefits and joy, that the practice and application of improvisation offers everyone, I am thrilled to announce the return of Improv club, with a mix of courses, classes and catch ups.

Check out the rest of the webpage for more details. You can also email me at info.justimprovise@gmail.com


Peace love and improv,

Glenn xxx

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