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Want to master your audition,  tape / reel, or maximise your radio/podcast? 

As a performer, actor, TV and Radiohost for 30 years, and  with 20 years at lecturing and coaching at Australias most prestiguies performing art school Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) , I have helped hundreds of students guiding the careers and their performance, with successful results!  

Besides the work at WAAPA, I´ve been helping many aspiring talents with auditions for acting schools, rolls, and how to create successful audition pieces and film takes along with radio training.

I have guided the careers or performing successful actors and comedians, including: 

- Jai Courtney (Guardians of the Galaxy, Suicide Squad, Terminator Genisys, )
- Dacre Montgomery ( Stranger Things, Power Rangers, A few less men ) 

- George Pullar ( A place to call home, Playing for keeps, Fighting season) 

- Nat Locke ( Radio Nova 93.7) 

- Tim Minchin (Matilda The Musical, Californication, Jesus Christ Superstar)




I can help you with guiding you through your audition piece ( live or recorded) and maximise the diversity and things jurys are looking for.



- Vocal coaching for radio and TV. How to find your autentic radio voice and ways to entertain and balance your voice through radio/podcast. 


- How to talk in front of the camera ,

- Walking, Stopping, working with camera angles

- Training in to be an autentic TV host. 

​"-I cannot recommend Glenn Hall enough. Glenn has helped me grow as a performer and as a person through his passion, peace and perspectives." - Lachlan Tiberius


“Glenn Hall has been working for the Acting Department at WAAPA for over two decades, where he has had a strong impact on our students. He creates a great sense of ensemble and has evolved an excellent rapport with both students and staff, demonstrating maturity and judgement which comes from his extensive professional experience. Glenn has a genuine integrity about his work, which he communicates to the students, who thrive on working with him in an atmosphere of both invention and trust”. - Chris Edmund, Acting Course Coodinator, WAAPA


The courses are created by me, Glenn Hall. I have been teaching and performing professionally and internationally for 30 years and is one of Australia's most experienced performance teachers

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