I have worked with hundreds of Corporations and Businesses like Woodside, HBF and Coca cola Amatil, with bespoke training for Leaders, Staff and Organisations for 30 years . I'm Western Australia's most hired and reputed Improv training coach with excellent results and outcomes.

Get you and your team to the top!


I provide outcome-based experiential training that’s interactive, practical, customised, outcome-focused and fun!

I come to your business to train your people to contribute, communicate and collaborate to lead, inspire teamwork, build their resilience to change, and unleash creativity – all through service design and improvisation.

Improvising is decision-making in the moment – an essential skill to succeed in business and in life. The art of improvisation will help prepare you for the unknown and uncertain and will help you achieve more with less: less fear, less panic and less doubt.


My Hive of Nine Be’s™ are the values that underpin our unique courses to get your people to find the best of themselves and the best of their colleagues.

Let me tailor a specific program for your business, or you can choose from my established courses in LeadershipTeamworkResilience and Service Design.

If you want a Key Speech combined with a workshop for the entire organisation, read more here

If you are looking for something specific, don´t hesitate to contact me.  I guarantee that you will be satisfied choosing Just improvise for your interests.


Be the strongest leader you can be!


We live in a time of constant and rapid change in every sphere of life: at home, in business, politics and our natural environment.

If your company wants to thrive it needs leaders that are flexible, adaptable and agile to keep up with developments and stay ahead of the game. Most people are highly skilled and practised at criticizing, judging and defining.  We’re trained to say ‘No’.  But I´m all about exercising the affirmation muscle.  Not just to say ‘Yes!’ but ‘Yes, and…’.  


This gives leaders the ability to approach tasks and problems with an open and nimble mind, a positive attitude and to always be looking for solutions.

I train people to be active leaders, so their ‘Yes, and…’ doesn’t mean they’re simply agreeing with people, it means they’re willing to tap an idea, explore it further, give the idea generator the confidence to take the idea to the next level.


Great leaders take action. Let’s talk some more.


Building high performing teams!

Forget what you’ve heard before – there actually is an “I” in a team.  In fact, there are lots of them, and there should be lots of them!  The trick to building a high performing team is to ensure all your “I”s are seeing eye to eye.

My three-part training module uses experiential training and a focus on Just Improvise’s Hive of Nine Be’s to bring out the best in people, and the best in teams. The team around the individual and the individual within the team.

Let’s talk about what I can do for your team.


Resilience and change boosts your productivity! 


Our world is, and always will be, changing.  Our workplaces and the ways in which we work are, and always will be changing.  All of this change can be difficult, stressful and counter-productive unless it is managed well, and people are supported through it.

Managing change and building resilience should not be restricted to those periods where a merger, acquisition, business process redesign or restructure takes place.  On an everyday level, resilience allows people to be braver in their decision making, bolder in their team interactions and better at representing their business to customers and the outside world.  Put simply: it makes them happier and stronger.

My workshop module ‘Resilience and Change’ helps individuals and businesses to successfully manage the stresses and strains of everyday work, and/or to prepare them for significant change.

Let’s talk more about how I can help boost the productivity of your staff, to reduce ‘churn’, and to help your business retain its best people.


Create a strong service!


Service Design, at its core, is the application of both creative and analytical approaches to improving services: along with the judgement to know which approach to apply at which point of the process.

This design thinking method enables free-flowing creativity within a clear structure that leads to specific action. We like to think of this as a form of rehearsed spontaneity.

My Service Design training provides special focus on effective collaboration with your team or customers. A key component is the managing of ambiguity and understanding that, in the quest for innovation, there is often no perfect answer – often you have to improvise. However, the techniques of prototyping and investigative rehearsal enable the quick-fire testing of new ideas at low cost and much-reduced risk.

Drop me a line to find out more.


Some of my happy customers

"Thank you very much for your workshop provided of the occasion of our supervisor's forum. It is people like you who make a big difference to our organisation to insure we can improve our efforts. Thank you again for your generous support!" 

- Marissa, Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

"What an exciting time we had with you! So much Fun, I used the "I stuffed up"  in the first week; hands in the air -Nice a loud !!! The team went from serious to laughter within seconds! Loved it! Thank you :D 

- Carol Willums, Ruah

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