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Want to improvise?

At Just Improvise, we believe improvisation is an essential life tool, no matter what stage of life you’re at – or on!

Use the secrets of improv to achieve Extraordinary Results in both life and work!

My improv classes blend the best of improv with my life-changing Hive of Nine Be’s™ philosophy and are safe, positive, respectful environments in which to learn and play at the same time! 


They focus on the attitude, approach, and mindset required for effective improvisation and how to get the most out of yourself as an improviser – and in your everyday life.  The classes give individuals the opportunity to experience and embed integral, yet counter-intuitive, ideas such as ‘failing happily,’ ‘being obvious to seem creative’ and ‘trying less to achieve more’ – while at the same time, exploring the role of the individual within the ensemble.

My core philosophy of the Hive of Nine Be's™ encourages participants to ‘be yourself’, ‘be playful', and ‘be positive’ to experience positive change through improvisation.


The class takes participants on an exploration of the philosophies, theories, and language of improvisation, through the eyes of Just Improvise, our exercises, our games, and scene play.

All courses are experiential and reflective and are run in a safe environment based on mutual respect and trust, encouraging fearlessness, collaboration, commitment, positivity and – most of all – fun!

Class sizes are kept small to maximize individual and group learning, and to facilitate ongoing and active, tailored feedback and coaching.

The courses are created by  Just Improvise founder me, Glenn Hall. I have been teaching and performing improv professionally and internationally for 30 years and is one of Australia's most experienced improv teachers.

-"Just Improvise is an outstanding resource for learning, developing, and refining skills in the wonder that is Improvisation! Glenn Hall is an absolute master of both short-form and long-form improv AND is as wonderful as a coach as he is mesmerising as a performer. I can not recommend Just Improvise enough."  - Alex Roberts, student 



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Got a kid or teen who wants to improvise?

Glenn Hall - Glitch (317 of 333).jpg

Want regular improv training?  Join my inspiring classes for challenges and more fun for life and the stage! No experience needed!

Join me for a fun, undemanding class with other curious participants in different One Day Courses!

No experience needed!

"-I cannot recommend Just Improvise enough. Glenn has helped me grow as a performer and as a person through his passion, peace and perspectives." - Lachlan Tiberius