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Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall is from Perth, Australia and is the Creative Director of Perth-based

Just Improvise™ since 2000, a company that has specialised in improvised theatre, corporate entertainment and improv training.

For the past 25 years, Glenn Hall has gained a considerable work-experience as a performer and teacher across Australia - and around the world. Glenn Hall has trained extensively as an actor, improviser and teacher.


Glenn is a teacher and training coach, who combines his extensive professional performing experience with tertiary education qualifications and diverse, professional training experience. He has been employed by the Edith Cowan University for the past 20 years to teach Improvisation and Acting at the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. He is one of Australias most reputable improviser and teacher.

Glenn also regularly performs and trains with all the major companies in Australia. He has been a headline teacher/performer at the world-renowned Improvention Festival in Canberra every year since its inception and have performed and teached at many European festivals and theatres, such as Würzburger Improtheater Festival, TILT improv festival in Estonia, Impro Hotel at Mallorca, for Teatribū in Milano and Improfest in Gothenburg, to name a few. 

He has performed in world-class ensembles and duos with international legends including Joe Bill, Jill Bernard, David Razowsky, Nadine Antler, Fabio Maccioni and Amy Shostak.

You can read more about Glenn on his homepage HERE


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