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Glenns workshops

Patterns of chaos 

Complexity can be created from simple rules. Drawing on The Mandlebrot Set as inspiration — a self-repeating formula that is used to describe the patterns found in the chaos of nature — explore the sense that is borne from disorder.

In this workshop, Glenn shares his ideas on how we might use the terminology of art and maths to help us notice, rather than force connections. A super-fun workshop for non-linear long form nerds and maths nerds. (No maths knowledge required, though).

Level: Intermediate/advanced


That moment when your brain starts buffering, there’s a delay, a temporary GLITCH in your operating system, a sudden, temporary malfunction. Sometimes it’s a short-lived transient fault that corrects itself, and sometimes you need to reboot the app. Self-consciousness and fear, cause planning and panic which result in...GLITCH.

In this workshop, Glenn will guide you through a series of tailored exercises, games and scenes, to help train your brain to stay out of its own way.

Level: Intermediate/advanced


> Ever wanted to be a terrible ninja?

> Ever wanted to lose a grand battle?

> Or perhaps you just love the idea of being publicly shamed?

This workshop explores how to playfully fight our instincts for survival in order to lose with honour.

Using physical and cognitive Stanislavski techniques and following Glenn Halls lead, you will explore how to interact with emotional integrity and discover how winners must first be losers.

Please note: this workshop will not make you a genuine ninja (in fact it will make you a worse ninja then you currently are) however, it will improve your improvisation skills.

Level: All

Time to get uncomfortable 

Improvisation is everything we have been, everything we are and everything we hope to be.

Every time we climb on stage or speak in front of a group, we should risk being vulnerable and revealing something of ourselves, and this should not always feel comfortable.

When we first learn improv we seek to feel comfortable, to do things that seem familiar and feel right. But as we grow as improvisers we need to continually re-invent ourselves and push the boundaries of what is possible for improv and for ourselves.

 It won't matter whether it’s comedy or tragedy or anything in between. You will explode your comfort zone and push you to explore your limits and beyond!

Level: All


Whether you are improvisers, comedians, actors or all three, all duos welcome - old duos, new duos, even duos that aren't even duos yet...

History is full of captivating couplings; Abbot & Costello, Martin & Lewis, Mulder & Scully, Batman & Robin, Lano & Woodley… now it's time to take your dynamic duo to the next level.

Glenn will focus on duo structures, formats and styles as well as looking at depth of character. Glenn will also bring plenty of ideas to help you explore status, relationship and objective within your duos.

Level: Intermediate/advanced


"Just because you are a character, doesn’t mean you have character.” - The Wolf, Pulp Fiction.

Find yourself always playing the same characters and not sure how to find variety?

Starting with stereotypes and archetypes this four-part course will delve deeper into character and explore a world waiting to be discovered.

Glenn adapts techniques developed by theatre icons such as Stanislavski and Laban, to turn your caricatures into characters, with more instinct and less thought.

Level: Intermediate/advanced

Breaking improv 

Rules! There are so many rules! Rules which govern our speech, our actions and our thoughts. Rules which we follow to do things properly, good and right!

So, now you know the rules, LET'S BREAK THE RULES!

As a lifetime rulebreaker, Glenn sets out the rules of improv and dares you to test the rules until you break them, to discover if the rules are actually helpful or holding you back. This is for anyone who is ready to stop blindly following the rules, or anyone whose molecular structure requires them to do the opposite of whatever they’re told, as we methodically set about

Breaking Improv... and putting it back together again, in a way that’s meaningful for you!

Level: Intermediate/advanced


THEATRESPORTS™, the original team-based improvised competition, and Glenn are giving you the opportunity to learn and perform the games and the format.


Glenn has the ITI license to teach this format. 

Glenn first played Theatresports in 1988 and has since learned Theatresports™ from its creator Keith Johnstone, as well as countless other legends involved in its genesis. Glenn will share his experiences and knowledge to provide you with an authentic Theatresports™ experience.

Level: All

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