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Hall/Bang workshops

"Glenn and Victoria did a great job of taking our questions about feeling powerless on stage, addressing them directly in discussion and then following up with specific exercises. After doing the I've Got the Power workshop I know I can take care of myself and look after my scene partner in the truest sense. I learned real tools to use when I feel out of my depth on stage."

- Student of I´ve got the power,

 " conclusion as a teaching duo, it felt seamless where one finished the other was right in  there ready for the next bit. Enjoyable and a reasonable length, (although I can’t get enough of improv) great variety."

- Student of I´ve got the power, 

I´ve got the power! 

In improvisation, we’re trained to say ‘Yes’ in order to create and build and share.

There is power in saying ‘Yes’, but what if you’re improvising with someone who wants to refuse the ideas you create? Destroy the conversations and scenes you’re trying to build? Take what they can for themselves instead of sharing the moment?

If you see yourself as nice and polite, struggle with confrontation and generally just don’t want to make a scene (pun intended); you won't say anything, you’ll continue to allow yourself to feel bad and they will continue to do what they’re doing because they have no reason to change.

They may be ignorant, apathetic or malevolent, but nothing will ever change, unless you change it. Maybe they won’t change, but you can change yourself.

This workshop is designed to give you the tools and techniques to show you that YOU HAVE THE POWER when your scene partner consistently:
* Ignores or blocks your ideas, making you feel inadequate/embarrassed/ashamed in order to make themselves look good/get laughs/win
* Controls the scene by endowing your characters and their circumstances to make them victims/impotent/powerless
* Prioritises their fun at the expense of your fun

Victoria and Glenn will help you embrace your own spirit animal, by helping you take power over yourself, the situation and anyone killing your fun.

At the end of this workshop, you’ll be singing “I’ve Got The Power" at the top of your lungs!

The magic of duo 

In a duo, it´s you and your partner.

How can you create magic with only two people on stage? 

This workshop is designed to give you the tools and techniques to create a diverse duo show where the relationship between you and your partner is the key.  We will work on how to play with more honesty, depth, realism and finding the integral, invisible rope that connects you to your partner but also work with the dynamics, energy and intensity; transforming your connection into a strong duo.

If you are curious about playing a duo show - this is the workshop for you!

Your choices and wishes

If you would like to have a workshop in a certain subject, please contact us and we will form a workshop based on your needs.

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