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In this workshop, you will get tools for a succesfull everyday life!  

I will get everyone involved, open and prepared to "have a go", while presenting and practicing the tools of improvisation to bring out the best in people. 


The focus is on how each individual can practice:


  •  Being present and aware "in the moment" - as in "now". Right here, right now, all of the time.

  •  Being open, flexible and accepting of others´ideas and ways of working.

  •  Being willing to self reflect and how to take care of self-doubt.

  •  Having the confidence to take risks in order to achieve more significant outcomes.

After this course, you will have practical tools to use immediately for your games!

The course is adaptable in time, so it suits your schedule. Either a single session, or several sessions for more depth and details. 

This workshop is great for organisations, teambuildning, icebreaking moments, or simply just for you who wants to think more from your feet.. I´m also offering one and one sessions! 


To book this session, contact me! 




The class takes participants on an exploration of the philosophies, theories, and language of improvisation, through the eyes of Glenn Hall,  in exercises,  games, and scene play.​ All courses are experiential and reflective and are run in a safe environment based on mutual respect and trust, encouraging fearlessness, collaboration, commitment, positivity and – most of all – fun!​​ Glenn Hall have been teaching and performing improv professionally and internationally for 30 years and is one of Australia's most experienced improv lecturers.

Other workshops


In this course I will give you the secret tools for a successful life, where improv will make you stronger than ever!


In this course we will work on how you can create magical and interesting characters within seconds! You will be provided with a great range of instant tools to practice with.


When starting to play a scene, there are a range of things to be aware of. In this workshop, we will focus on how much platform we can create during the first minute, that ends up being the most important minute.


Love to play Dungeon and Dragons, Magic or other exciting games? In this course you will get the perfect tools for the storytelling, to make exciting and fun choices! 


Improvisation and acting on stage goes hand in hand.

In this workshop, I will help you to develope your acting skills, from inside and out! 


In this fun and playful workshop for ´non-linear long-form´ nerds, Glenn shares his ideas on how we might use the terminology of art and science in practice, to help you notice the connections you make, rather than forcing connections, as we use the Patterns of Chaos to redefine the concept of ´story.´

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