Improv for Kids & Teens with one of Australias most reputed Improv lecturer and teacher Glenn Hall with 25 years of experience.

 Kids & teen classes 


Improv for kids & Teens is improv for life: Fun. Freedom. Flexibility.

My improv workshops are ideal for children and teens keen to explore and create, eager to learn about themselves and each other in an atmosphere of fun. Built around improv games and skills, our technology-free space is deliberately nurturing; there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ideas and kids can become comfortable with – and learn from – making mistakes.

From helping them cope with change, to boosting their social skills and reducing aggression, research has shown improv to be a powerful tool for children. Drawing on our bespoke Hive of Nine Be’s™ philosophy, our workshops focus on supporting kids to:

  • cope better with uncertain situations (Be Flexible)

  • be free to explore their own ideas (Be Yourself)

  • listen to and build on the ideas of others (Be Positive)

  • try new things + ways of being in a safe space (Be Bold)

  • explore drama + performance skills (Be Playful)

  • let go of ‘getting things right’ (Be Kind)

  • embrace their ‘imperfections’ (Be Imperfect)

  • think on their feet + trust their intuition (Be Present)

  • seek to understand rather than judge (Be Changed)

These workshops are created by Glenn Hall who worked at WA Academy of Performing Arts improv lecturer for 20 years, and is the founder of Just improvise.


Glenn has been teaching and performing improv internationally for 30 years and is one of Australias most experienced improv teachers. 

Right now I only offer kids and teen workshops via bookings from Schools and Events.

Through Just Improvise™, Glenn holds the Western Australian licence for Theatresports™ and provides regular improv and Theatresports™ masterclasses, workshops and training courses.


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Got a kid who wants to improvise? 


Got a teen who wants to improvise? 

- "Glenn, I don't know how you do it, but the increase in confidence and the self-acceptance you've taught my kids in a short time is just amazing - all while they are having the time of their lives and laughing their heads off. This should be mandatory in schools to foster resilience, and just let kids be themselves. Love your work!" - Sandra Holloway 

- "My favourite thing is going to improv class. I like it because of great communication and fun activities. We are trying to improve our listening skills and not calling out. I think that Glenn's classes are a great place to expand your mind and let your heart run wild!"

 -James, 7-year-old student