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Hive of Nine Be’s™ is the core of Just Improvise ™.


They underpin everything we do, everything we stand for and everything we strive to be.

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And be ok with that.  None of us are perfect. 
Imperfection makes us human: it’s what makes us real. 
In seeking perfection, we shouldn’t struggle
against imperfection, rather we should strive for it. 
You can’t learn from your mistakes if you’re not willing to make a few.

Park the murmurs filling your headspace,
and be present here, now, where you’re at,
the place where you can actually make a difference. Listen, trust your experience and skills and respond instinctively.
The past has happened, the future is undetermined.
The time is now.

To yourself and to others. 
It’s a tough world out there, so why make it any tougher?
We’re all imperfect. Don’t be so hard on yourself, and
don’t be so hard on others.


Positive attitudes create and negative ones destroy. We all have an inner critic. The voice that questions “what if something goes wrong?” Retrain it. Make it work for you – not against you. Imagine that voice saying “what if everything will be fine?

Like a sapling in gale force winds: be fluid, adaptable and open to unexpected circumstances, so you’re more able to cope when things don’t go according to plan. It’s all about resilience.

Learn to fly.  Let yourself go.  Open you mind,
your heart and your mouth.  Take the pressure off yourself
and seek to inspire those around you. 
You get what you give.  Give lots.


Be the best you you can be – be yourself. 
Everybody’s different, everybody’s important and
everybody has a story to share. 
Your uniqueness – however subtle –
makes our world, a better place.


No matter how hard you try, you will make mistakes.

You are a human being, not a robot.

Let go of the pressure of trying to be flawless,

and enjoy the journey with some bumps on the ride.

It´s a part of life.



The only constant is change. It’s happening
right now, and now… and now. Embrace it.
Get yourself into your best place to be open, and
learn from the new opportunities change offers.

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