You can improvise

Hands up if you can´t improvise? STOP!

Do not put your hand up. It´s a trick question. EVERYONE can improvise. Everyone ALWAYS HAS. Life has no script. And maybe it´s just me, but the more we attempt to script a life to follow, LIFE NEVER FOLLOWS THE SCRIPT! Life didn´t even bother to read the bloody thing. Life doesn´t see the point, because Life always, without exception, Just Improvises.

So, not only can you improvise, but you´ve got an instict for it too, because you´re reading this. You have life. You are living. You´ve successfully improvised your way to still being alive. Today. Right now. And now. And now. And now...

There´s no Life without living and if Life is unscripted and unscriptable, then there´s nothing for it but to, like life, Just Improvise. Which is what we will always have to do. Which is how I know you can improvise.

- Glenn Hall

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