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- I love performing with Glenn & Victoria, and I love watching each of them on stage in any improv show. Their chemistry as a duo elevates them to something more than the sum of their improvising parts. I'm always desiring a sense of "playfully ruthless and ruthlessly playful" and in Hall and the Bang you have this, almost nonstop, on an emotional, intellectual and theatrical level. They are delightful.

- Joe Bill (USA) 

- Victoria and Glenn bring a curiosity and a passion to their improv that is contagious and inspiring. Get into a room with these talented, funny artists to either work with them or watch them perform! ​ 

-Naomi Snieckus & Matt Baram, The national theatre of the world (Canada)

Being on stage with these two people is great fun!  They are both generous attentive improvisers and they have a unique chemistry that turns their duo into a wonderful adventure! 

- Inbal Lori ( Israel )

- #Perfectmatch2k30 was a wonderful improvised examination of love in the 21st century. Victoria Bang and Glenn Hall slipped into every aspect of relationship at every stage of infatuation, love, possessiveness and disdain with fluidity and utter surprise. It was a great example of Viola Spolin’s precept of ‘Following the Follower’ the key to true relation. They are a pleasure to watch.

- Gary Schwartz (USA)

- Light, dark, brave, risky, dirty, slow, fast, furious, wild, calm, silly, mindful, generous, reliable, fun, hungry, curious, beautiful, honest, swedish, australian ... to be continued ... Lucky me to have them around my impro world - on stage and off stage. - Beatrix Brunschko ( Austria)


Downloading Love™ is easy. There is an app, an algorithm that enables any relationship; lust, sex and love are not bound by money, time or place.

There are no more random meetings, no chance encounters, yet you can have any Love™ you like. Just a tap and a swipe at the tip of your digits mean you need never be alone - once you've found your #perfectmatch2k30. Sounds like the perfect dance of two violins in a perfect world. 

But what happens if there's discordance in the formula? When is perfect not perfect enough? Can you patch the glitch?

#perfectmatch2k30 explores the spaces between binary relations and the future of love - in a world where perfection is possible, what would it take for you to upgrade Love™?

Hall and the Bang

Hall and the Bang is an improv duo who play fast, loose and with truth.

An Australian/Swedish combination, different but the same, like a meat pie and a meatball, Glenn and Victoria start with a casual conversation between performers and audience.

Inspired by the audience, Hall and the Bang tap into their instinct and embrace the chaos of pure spontaneity! 

Staying together in the present and refusing to plan ahead, they don’t create stories, rather, they notice the stories that have been created.

No prepared schtick, no go-to gags, no idea what will happen next, Hall and the Bang set out to not only surprise and delight their audiences worldwide,  but also to surprise and delight themselves.

The final show ever


From Vegas to Berlin to the Sydney Opera House,

Hall and the Bang have an impressive collection of snow globes from cities all around the world

Encompassing a mesmerising career spanning decades, entertaining people all around the globe

And then they were gone

Until now…

Back by popular demand thanks to their countless fans, collaborators and debt collectors

Hall and the Bang return to the stage

Where it all began and ended and began again

With an unbreakable oath that this will be

Their last encore

The final Curtain

Hall and the Bang's


The challenge is that their memories aren’t what they used to be, or maybe it’s that they get more selective with what they recall

But whether it’s because they simply can’t remember, or they’ve chosen to forget

It’s not a memory if it remains unremembered

Help Hall and the Bang recall, recreate and relive the highs and lows of a partnership and career

That saw them start at the bottom, scratch and claw to reach the pinnacle only tumble lower than their beginnings, before finally…

You know how the story goes, so come and remind Hall and the Bang so they can actually perform their



The object


Have you ever showed an object to a friend and said - "This thing has a very special story"?

In this fun puls beating show we begin to get an actual object from the audience, and then we take off! Is the object a huge secret? An object that destroyed a relationship? A crazy ride you'll never forget? No matter what it is, your object gives us inspiration to the story and we give you a great thrilling show that makes your toes curl in your shoes. Let's meet the object!

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