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Speaker / Key speaker

Do you have an announcement that needs to be heard? Or do you want to have a Key Speaker in a certain topic?

Sometimes you or your business got something to say, and you need people to really listen. This is where I come in. 


With 30 years of experience, I can entertain, enlighten and engage an audience on a subject of critical to your business .I'm equally comfortable following your script or helping you to develop one. I can assist you with troubleshooting any issues – both before the event and in the heat of the action!

If you want a Key Speaker, I can deliver a keynote in the following areas:

  • Personal Leadership; Foundations for a strong leader

  • Thinking on your feet

  • Communication and Collaboration

  • The "I" in a team

  • Resilience and Change

  • Power of Spontaneity

  • Service Design

These topics are suitable for:

  • Teambuilding Events

  • Organisational/Executive Retreat

  • Sales Training

  • Seminars

  • Conferences & Conventions

All Key Speeches topics that I have, can be combined with my exclusive workshops.

If you have your own speech or statement  - let me do it for you!

I'm equally comfortable following your script or helping you to develop one. My ability to enjoy the moment and my unflappable nature, ensure that I can manage the unexpected with humor and composure.

Let´s get in touch for your event!



 "A very big THANK YOU for the work you did for us at our Breakfast event. Not only did you keep everyone entertained with your antics, but you also delivered a very real message to our staff in the concepts, and value of Teamwork and Customer Service. You made a very successful morning. Thanks heaps!" - HBF way project team


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Need a professional Master of Cermonies at your event? Look no further,  Let Glenn do it for you!