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Become the greatest version of yourself! 


With 30 years of experience, coaching thousands of people in social training, conversations and relationships, my coaching sessions blend the best of my life changing improv philosophy and special practice training! 

I can help you develope positive habits, breaking old patterns, and self empowerment, and how you can be your own powertool!  


In my Success coaching programs, I use the secrets of improv, for you to achieve Extraordinary Results in both life and work! 

We will focus on the attitude, approach, and mindset required  to get the most out of yourself -  in your everyday life and at work/school!   I will help you to understand and overcome the limitations of your mind, and opens the door to  break the patterned behavior through practical  exercises and mindset. ​

I know that mind training is an essential life tool, no matter what stage of life you’re at – or on!

I offer one and one sessions, and group sessions, both online and in person, all over the world! 

Contact me for a free consultation, to find out what I can do for you! 

. It's easy.

Positive habits for a life of fulfillment 

If you feel "stuck" in life,  overwhelmed by stress and gets off the road with negative patterns ( again!), and just feeling unmotivated and wishes to  to take the step to break the patterns you are in, this is the program for you!

Creating and developing positive habits and leaving old habits behind, needs practice and a new mindset.  I will help you to map out what is holding you back and why, and thorugh practical tasks and exesises I will show how you can create the power within yourself, to reach the things you are longing for.​

I offer one and one sessions and group sessions.

Online service and face to face. 


Improve your conversations! 

Struggling to talk with  people?  Communicate with people can be a struggle,  especially if the natural "bond" is just not there! 

When pressure comes in to the pictures, such as sales, job interviews, or giving  good first impressions, it´s easy to let stress take the overhand, and simply don´t know how to work around it. 

In this program, I will give you practical tools so you´ll never be lost for words again! 

I can help you with:

Social interaction 

Job interviews  

Work relationships 

Speaking in front of people

I offer one and one sessions and group sessions.

Online service and face to face. 


Be your greatest leader

If you are a business person wanting to improve your leadership, communication at work , this is the program for you!

I have built a reputation over the last 20 years, for delivering engaging and memorable, presentations and facilitations, applying the skills and techniques of the art of Improvisation, in a corporate setting, working with countless myriad organisations, including Rio Tinto, Woodside, HBF, Bunnings and The Department of Communities, to name a few.

Moving forward when life changes

When life takes a turn, expected or unexpected, the end becomes a start. But where to start, and how? Change can be scary, and it´s easy get overwhelmed with everything that is happening. 

In this program, we will map out all processes that is going on, and create away to move forward, and you will me given constructive tools to handle all the changes, for your peace of mind, and for your future,

This program suits you who is going though for example divorce, death, moving to a new city/country , or other big changes.

I offer one and one sessions and group sessions.

Online service and face to face. 


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