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Don’t think you can improvise? Yes. Yes you can!


Try out some simple approaches and concepts for instant success and fun!

Learn the secrets of improv to achieve Extraordinary Results in both life and work!

Each SUNDAY SESSION is bespoke, with a unique focus tailored to suit the individual, and suitable for all levels of experience!


Focused on the philosophical approaches and underpinnings of successful improvisation, there´s time to unpack and explore a range of techniques and tools, to give you the opportunity to get the very best out of yourself, no matter which of life's stages you´re on, or at.


Try out some simple approaches and concepts for instant success and fun. These classes encourage you to take a leap of faith in yourself and just improvise!  Become better at Thinking on your feet and how to handle unexpected situations when the mind go "blank" and improvise your way through your everyday life and on stage! . The training also helps to reduce the discomfort of "public speaking"!

I have been teaching and performing improv internationally for 30 years and is one of Australia's most reputed improv teachers.

So join me and other participants, for a day full of laughs and fun! 

The courses are created by  Just Improvise founder me, Glenn Hall. 

No experience required. I have a minimum age of 18 for attendees.

Improv comedy deluxe!


No classes are running at the moment - Email me to show your interest.


1-5 PM

Improv(e) your life in the best way possible!

This One day course is the perfect Sunday activity, a thrilling course to learn the core philosophies and general approach required to become a successful improviser, where the focus was on allowing yourself to 'be playful', to ‘be positive' and to 'be imperfect.


If you want to learn about Improv comedy, this is the ultimate course for you! I've packed it with all the golden bits from the world of Improv Comedy that you are going to LOVE! A lot of fun with instant success!

We’ll work on skills such as making, accepting, and justifying offers; advance & extend in storytelling, and; making the relationship the focus in simple scenes. You’ll learn to look after yourself as well as focus on your scene partner, by exploring what it means to 'be yourself", to 'be kind', and to 'be bold’. By the end of the course, you have been given valuable and usable tools, to improvise through life and on stage, in the best way possible!

Suitable for both beginners and experienced improvisers.



1-5 PM


At Just improvise Studio in Daglish.

I have a minimum age of 18 for attendees.

Sign up by sending an email to, or fill in the Contact Form down belowwith the Dates you want to attend.

Welcome to Just improvise!

Terms and conditions for classes

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- " Absolutely fabulous day at the intro to improv class! Learnt so many skills, for life and acting! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to make themselves a bit uncomfortable" - Scarlett Greenock 

-"I recently attended the one-day intro improv with the master of improv (insert drum roll) Mr Glenn Hall. Absolutely loved it.
Met some fabulous people who all attended for different reasons, which made it fun and exciting. So many skills learnt not only for life but also for acting.
The one-day JUMP course focused on attitude, approach and mindset required for effective improvisation. For me, I personally took home how to get the most out of myself as an improviser as well as in my everyday life. 
I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone – but in a really good fun way! - Bec Hall 

-"Attended the one-day intro improv with Glenn recently. Wow! What a workout for the brain to do something completely different, challenging and breaking old patterns of thinking...and behaving. Fun and playing. Great for this lady 'of a certain age'." - Patsy Booker

- " Glenn is the ultimate teacher when it comes to Improv comedy and Personal development. The way he combines them is pure professionalism and talent. Best teacher in WA" - Meg Boyish