Improv for teens


My improv workshop for teenagers blends drama with exciting improv games and skills and are the ideal escape from school, study and stress – a safe space to play and just ‘be’.

Research has shown improvisation can help young people better cope with change, increase their social skills and reduce aggression, amongst other benefits, and Just Improvise’s BOOST: Improv for Teens workshops are underpinned by our powerful Hive of Nine Be’s philosophy, teaching core ideas such as:

  • the power of a positive mindset (Be Positive)

  • supporting teenagers to be – and trust – themselves (Be Yourself)

  • re-framing ‘failure’ as a learning opportunity (Be Kind)

  • embracing the ideas of others (Be Playful)

  • enhancing ‘in the moment’ decision making (Be Present)

  • celebrating imperfection (Be Imperfect)

  • learning how to ‘bounce back’ when life gets tough (Be Flexible)

  • committing completely to help ideas fly (Be Bold)

  • seek to understand rather than judge (Be Changed)

Just Improvise utilises process driven drama, reducing the pressure from students to have to ‘perform’ or ‘get it right’. Improvisation is a process, where the product is created continuously. Parents and caregivers are invited to observe the last class of the term, for more of an insight into this process and its over-arching benefits.

Class sizes are kept small to allow us to tailor the workshop to the group’s unique needs.

The course is created by  Just Improvise founder Glenn Hall. 

Glenn has been teaching and performing improv internationally for more than 20 years and is one of Australias most experienced improv teachers. 



Right now I only offer kids and teen workshops via bookings from Schools and Events.

- "It’s boosted my confidence, the ability to think on my feet, and being able to feel comfortable in unfamiliar situations.”- Imogen, 15