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Victorias Workshops

Do you hesitate in your choices? Do you take a step back when something gets weird and start thinking about how you look and may be perceived?  Time to be the Daredevil!

This workshop will encourage you to make more bold choices and dare more - by injecting a lot of playfulness. We'll focus on exercises that push you further, instilling in you the confidence to make new and different choices with your body and mind. This process opens new doors for you as an improviser, by giving you the courage to play with the 'mistakes' that come up and use them to your advantage, by taking them as far as possible.

The more you dare - the more fun you will have, no matter how you look. Just do it! Just improvise! Find the Daredevil inside you, and have more fun on stage!

Level: All levels


This workshop is for advanced improvisers who want to explore their character work from the inside and find new ways into being and discover characters where we start in your mindset.


We will work with a method of how you detect and see the world and how that effect your characters body, reactions and behaviour.


This is an excellent method for you who play long-form and want to challenge your mind or feel that you got stuck in the same kind of character playing.


You have a beautiful mind.  Let´s use it!

Level: Advanced

A beautiful mind

You love to improvise - but want to take the next step? Sing about it!

Singing is one of the most challenging and rewarding skills in the improv arsenal. Not only do you have to create something with your voice, but you also collaborate with a musician and dance with your scene partners.

In this class, you will have the opportunity to learn easy tools to create a great song - both solo and with your scene partners.

In Sing it out loud, you learn the common song and dance structures that work together, creating memorable musical numbers, and how to convincingly get into song and dance from an improvised scene. You will also learn how to be a great backup singer and dancer behind a solo singer.

This is a super-fun workshop for you who want to learn improvised singing!

Level: Beginners

Sing it out loud!

You love to improvise songs - take it to the next level!


Singing is one of the most challenging and rewarding skills in the improv arsenal. In this workshop we dig deeper into the world of improv musical, and how you can connect with your partner and the audience even more through improv singing.


In this workshop, we explore how we can create big musical numbers out of almost nothing, different ways of starting a musical number, characters,  and how background and environment can affect the scene to something great.


Be a musical improv extraordinary! Let´s make great musical scenes! 


 Previous improv singing workshops are needed.

Level: intermediate/advanced

Musical deluxe

In impro, we play all the variations of scenes, depending on the form or the format.

What is it that makes a scene interesting, that makes the audience spellbound from the very beginning? And what can you do, to be as enchanted as your audience and the actors you're playing with?

"Today is the day" is the mindset which underpins all the scenes we will create. We will explore the reason why “Today is the day”, as we focus on using dynamics, energy and intensity and the simplicity of really caring about what you are doing. It’s about the relationship between you and your partner and playing with more depth, realism and finding the integral, invisible rope that connects you; transforming your scene into an unforgettable moment in time.


The time is now and "Today is the day”! Let´s find out what it is!

Level: Beginners/intermediate

Today is the day

In improv, we learn a lot of rules, which can lead us into blocking ourself in the direction of "doing the right thing so we don´t fuck up the scene" rather than really jump first and justify later if we even get to the justifying.... :)


In this workshop, we will explore the biggest freedom you can have as an improviser. We follow every impulse that comes to us, and trust the process rather than thinking logic. We will work with accepting everything that comes up in our mind, that will help you let go of the pressure and see where you and your scene partner see together. In the scenes we will work with impulse edits, which means that as soon we get an impulse to change scene, we will. It also helps you to become a calmer improviser in mind since you have to focus. The tempo can get high. This can be funny, weird, crazy and sad at the same time, but we use our full freedom as improvisers, that will open your eyes in a new way of playing improv.


Let's create some chaos! 

Level: Intermediate/advanced


Knock knock, who´s there?

Characters are an essential part of improv. And, since it's improv, we get to know the characters we play at the same time as we create them. What a challenge!

Are you avoiding to take on certain characters? Or do you tend to make the same choices over and over again?

Victoria will help you dig deeper into your own patterns of playing characters, and then let you work around those to discover how much more you can do! It's going to be a lot of fun, and also quite a challenge!

Character work is never finished and needs constant practice. But after this workshop, you will have more tools and methods to feel confident in your character play, making you a more diverse improviser in all aspects.

Level: intermediate/advanced

You had to be there!

We have all experienced those “You Had To Be There!” moments. The unforgettable moments where we hold our breath with wonder, sigh with deep satisfaction or laugh out way too loudly. Those magical moments we try to recreate for our friends the next day, with all our brave attempts ending in, “You had to be there!"

But what are the elements of these wonderful scenes? Why are some scenes so memorable?

In this workshop, Victoria will guide you to play simple, structured scenes, with focus on different ways to build platforms and to find out what the scene really is about. We will study the patterns that appear and you will be coached in theatrical elements such as space work and proximity, silence and stillness, and dynamic choices.

By the end of this workshop, Victoria will have you telling people “You Had To Be There!"

Level: Beginners/Intermediate

What happens if we just move? What stories can we tell with less talking and more movement?


In this workshop, we explore the world of movement and group thinking and see where it takes us. We follow the group's impulses in movements and dynamic, which leads us into abstract and concrete discoveries. Scenes will be born through movement instead of inputs of speech. A fun exploring, different workshop with a lot of cool music.


Be ready to sweat and move!


Level: Intermediate/advanced


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