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-"Just Improvise is an outstanding resource for learning, developing, and refining skills in the wonder that is Improvisation! Glenn Hall is an absolute master of both short-form and long-form improv AND is as wonderful as a coach as he is mesmerising as a performer. I can not recommend Just Improvise enough. Whether you are looking to improve your confidence socially or are looking to become a rockin' improvisational performer, Just Improvise will get you there...whilst having stacks of fun and laughs along the way!!!" -Alex Roberts 


At Just Improvise, we believe improvisation is an essential life tool, no matter what stage of life you’re at – or on!

EVERYBODY can improvise, no matter if you've never done "improv" before. True improv is what YOU make it!

Join whenever you want, or book a whole program!

Never done improv before? No problem! My high-quality improv classes and courses are made for everyone!  Each Tuesday workshop is bespoke, with a strong focus on both individual and ensemble, while also catering to the very experienced and the first-timer.


My Tuesday workshops will help you to become the best version of yourself and keep your improv muscle trim, taut and terrific, EVERY Tuesday. Become better at thinking on the spot and how to handle unexpected situations when the mind go "blank". The training also helps to reduce the discomfort of "public speaking":


Each program runs for a certain amount of weeks and the more you attend, the greater the benefit. However, each workshop is bespoke and ´stand-alone´ and there is no obligation to attend them all, or start the program when it starts.

Led by Western Australia's most experienced improv lecturer Glenn Hall, with 30 years of experience in improv and improv comedy!

I Disagree, to Agree to Disagree

No classes are running at the moment - Email me to show your interest.

Practice the art of argumentation, to keep connections open and conversations alive.

Explore a world beyond right and wrong, with cognitive friction and intellectual humility!

Send an email to show your interest and get payment details. You can also fill in the contact form below!


At Just improvise studio in Daglish.

$33 per class.

Buy four classes at once, and get a free class to use yourself, or give to a friend.

Sign up by email or fill in the contact form below, with the dates you'd like to join.


Welcome to Just improvise!


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- " Glenn is the ultimate teacher when it comes to Improv comedy and Personal development. The way he combines them are pure professionalism and talent. Best teacher in WA" - Meg Boyish

-"Love! Glenn at Just Improvise are bursting with knowledge,very welcoming with many, many years of experience! Your mind and body will be challenged and you will be smiling while you grow into the best version of yourself. I highly recommend Just Improvise, if you are interested in learning improvised theater as a performance art or want to be more comfortable in your own skin, this is the place to be!" - Raif Douthwaite

-"Just improvise is just great! Glenn is a super supportive, inspiring teacher who will challenge you and have your back in equal measure. He encourage their students to support each other, be honest and be open to new experiences- you'll be amazed at what you can do come the end of a course!" - Alice Ryder

-"Learnt so many skills, for life and acting! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to make themselves a bit uncomfortable" - Scarlett Greenock 


-" Travelling all over the word to take improv workshops - Glenn Hall is one of the most inspiring and knowledgeable teachers I've ever had!" -Victoria B