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You can improvise


Hands up if you can't improvise? STOP!


Do not put your hand up. It's a trick question.  EVERYONE can improvise. Everyone ALWAYS HAS. Life has no script. And maybe it's just me, but the more we attempt to script a life to follow, LIFE NEVER FOLLOWS THE SCRIPT! Life didn't even bother to read the bloody thing. Life doesn't see the point, because Life always, without exception, Just Improvises.


So, not only can you improvise, but you've got an instinct for it too, because you´re reading this. You have life. You are living. You've successfully improvised your way to still being alive. Today. Right now. And now. And now. And now...


There's no Life without living and if Life is unscripted and unscriptable, then there's nothing for it but to, like life, Just Improvise. Which is what we will always have to do. Which is how I know you can improvise.


Peace love and improv,

Glenn xxx

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